I assume I'm gonna make some crazy shit, but always just end up with Raman noodles

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Thu, 02/24/2011 - 1:21am


Thu, 02/24/2011 - 3:06am
cooody Says:

Dude here's on for you, next time you make your noodles drain all the water out, throw in your seasoning and whatever else and put it in a tortillia! We ate that shit in jail and wen I got out I tried it warm for once and it was amazing!! I put jalapenos in mine

Thu, 02/24/2011 - 4:25am
absilim Says:

I feel really motivated after watching the food network. They make it look so easy but we all know at the end of the day I can't do that.

Thu, 02/24/2011 - 8:13am
maja1213 Says:
Thu, 02/24/2011 - 9:59am

dude go to youtube and type in "epic meal time" these guys make the most outrageous meals ever and then eat it. its fucking incredible

Thu, 02/24/2011 - 11:27am
Thu, 02/24/2011 - 3:49pm
.Day.MAN. Says:

i wish i could upvote twice. every time i'm stoned, i'm always on the food network. then i get super motivated to go make some tasty grub, but my motivation dies by the time i'm up the stairs.