Ever play xbox live on Call of duty or something similar just so you can team-kill and annoy the other players? I find it hilarious, everyone takes it so seriously. Although its dick, Its so friggin fun


Fri, 11/27/2009 - 3:11am
Fri, 11/27/2009 - 5:02pm
fuzzfro007 Says:

I love doing that in halo... everyone gets so mad.. its oodles of entertainment. especially in those critical moments like when youre about to win... then u just TK and TK and TK some more, then end it yourself and youre down a lotta points and throw the game.. ahh....:D

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 5:08pm

lol I do it with my friend and were baked sometimes. we just noob tube our own spawn, people go ballistic

Fri, 11/27/2009 - 11:48pm
gols Says:

haha dude teamkilling is fun as fuck wen blzed as fuck

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 12:05am
weed.girl Says:


well of course, i smoke mad weed.

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 12:43am
iiiogical Says:

assholes.... although i aint gone lie.. i've done it to... but come on man.. a lil part of you knows your being dick

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 1:08am

Dude ive never met anyone who enjoys it like i do...
The reaction is just the best!!! 

stay blazed

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 1:13am

The best shit ever is bein high and just messin around with these lil emoticons i just got!!!

 I  !!!

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 5:29am
Dox Says:

Honestly, it's a dick move, and you guys are dicks for doing it. I smoke weed and game all the time, it's no excuse for being a douchebag.

People are attempting to enjoy the game.

Actually, I don't play console games. F*ck those guys. TK all you want.

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 2:08pm
kelso420 Says:

broseph, thats not cool lol im not a serious gamer but i dont wanna get fucked over by my own team ya dig?

Sun, 11/29/2009 - 12:35am
p3aced Says:

yesterday my friend got high and played mw2. he would only go around hitting people with the shield and tell them that he "just fucked yo feet nigga."

Wed, 12/02/2009 - 12:25pm

i here you on that lol, i created an account just to fuck with people.

stay stoned :P

Wed, 12/30/2009 - 1:10pm

lol, i played this one guy on call of duty 4 once and it was on a small map and all i would do was sit in a different corner everytime with a shotgun and when he would pass by to find me i would shoot him in the back and switch corners. i was so high that i laughed hysterically everytime i shot him. if you dont know by now, i was playing 1 v. 1.

"2 blunts a day keeps the doctor away"

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 10:01am
marijaded Says:

that is the best. people take video games to seriously. and they're usually 11 years old with a high pitched voice. ill just folow them around and get in their face and say weird shit on the mic. good times <3 lol