and Its like were a rare breed.
If i was a Guy Stoner chicks would be the only ones i'd date.
Vote up if you like stoner girrrrlies :)


Mon, 11/02/2009 - 8:02pm
Thu, 05/27/2010 - 12:53am
skyco Says:

stoner girls are the hottest things in the world. nothing more sexy than a girl rolling up a fat blunt with that little smile on there face ;)

Fri, 05/28/2010 - 1:34pm
stemen91 Says:
Mon, 08/16/2010 - 12:06am
Noobasaurs Says:
Sat, 09/11/2010 - 11:54am
Sat, 07/09/2011 - 6:53pm
Fynn Says:
Fri, 05/06/2011 - 5:40am
Sun, 07/10/2011 - 6:57am
godofskunk Says:

i remember hearing a girl say"its so off putting when guys smoke weed", what the fuck is up with that, but i don't care if girls do it up vote if you agree

Wed, 11/07/2012 - 8:37am
Siddy16 Says:

A man smoking weed is not off putting at all what the fuck is rong with that girl :O

Mon, 09/26/2011 - 4:47pm

hahahaha, its ture!(:
...blunts are yummmy!!!!! :]

Sat, 01/07/2012 - 1:56am
Sat, 11/05/2011 - 2:34am
d_o_s_x Says:

how the fuck did this get so many upvote, my highdeas hav 3 at best

Fri, 08/31/2012 - 10:34pm
Sun, 10/14/2012 - 12:58pm
cherries Says:

Ganja girls are rare and beautiful, like a unicorn. im high...

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 6:56am

idk i've met some really bitchy stoner girls. there's gonna be assholes and cunts wherever you go, whatever race you encounter, whether or not they smoke weed or not. it's not about your hobbies, your job, social status, color, religion, etc, it's about who you are as a human being. sorry to get all deep. i just think it is so ignorant to say that all stoner girls are awesome and great, because no, not all of them are. the more enlightened, educated girls who smoke weed, now there's your woman!

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 7:01pm
Etinifni Says:

That is so true man. It makes me feel good knowing there are still some people out there who value the intelligence of others, instead of just caring whether or not the person is "socially popular" (that's the best way I think I can describe it) or has an attractive body, or some other shit like that. Friends are supposed to be those people you connect with on a deeper level; the people you truly care about and want to be around. On the other hand, it does help to have friends who are open-minded about things like smoking bud - even if they won't sit back and light up a bowl with you, it's nice to know they will sit down and chill with you after you finish and not think any differently of you.

Wow. I apologize for getting all deep and emotional-like, but I just recently found this site, and I must say, it's good to have a place to talk with other people about these kinds of things. I look forward to talking to some awesome people on here. :)
Much love to my all of my friends (Far-gone, recent, present, and soon-to-be).

Sat, 03/05/2016 - 3:19am

Deep stuff man, feeling it. lol maybe im just high... If you blazing, Check out canadian hip hop group ONTK Pretty legit

Sat, 03/22/2014 - 11:22am
Mon, 06/28/2010 - 12:59pm

Haha beautiful women and beautiful buds are a BEAUTIFUL combination.

Nothing better then smoking with a girl who can make u feel even better then high

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 11:32am
Fri, 12/03/2010 - 12:54am
chelop1 Says:

Amen to that! There really needs to be more

Sun, 04/24/2011 - 1:22am

It makes me all happy to know that people actually appreciate stoner girls out there. This makes me proud to be a stoner girl:]

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 9:09pm

lol you should be anyway look at you :)

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 2:17am
Wed, 07/13/2011 - 5:42pm

any girl i can sit down, smoke, and have a decent conversation with i greatly appreciate

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 2:19am

i have the best conversations. about art about life about religion. Music, and the meanings of things. all things that are to intelectually advanced for me when im sober xP

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 2:48am

And you consider religion to be "too intellectually" advanced? Wow..

Thu, 05/26/2011 - 1:35am
setnakem Says:

I am one, myself. Thumbs up for girls who don't give a shit what Cosmo says, but can sit down with the guys, play some Call of Duty and Dungeons and Dragons, and have a good time!

Sat, 04/07/2012 - 11:47pm
D10NYSUS Says:
Sat, 08/27/2011 - 4:58am

Clickity Clack This--->

Thu, 09/15/2011 - 1:48am

I fully agree! Im one of the rare breed I guess lol Muahhahahhahhahahaaaaaaah!

Tue, 10/11/2011 - 4:54pm
hailstorm Says:

it sucks sometimes because finding other stoner girls is hard. i barely have any girl friends cause they all look down on smoking. like wtf loosen up a bit and take a bong rip.

Fri, 06/22/2012 - 7:27pm
Ninnjahh Says:

I'm a stoner chick!! :DD
I smoke all day everyday man! xD

Mon, 11/02/2009 - 8:56pm

Weed and women make quite a harmonious combination. Plus they're my two favorite things

Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:14pm
Thu, 05/03/2012 - 4:49am
Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:15pm

yeah its good to see some other females!! go us!

Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:15pm

The only stoner chick i know is a lesbo

Sat, 04/30/2011 - 1:15pm
britt213 Says:
Tue, 06/21/2011 - 8:50pm

only girl im lesbian for is mary janeeee

Wed, 07/13/2011 - 5:40pm
Fri, 08/05/2011 - 3:18pm

Shittt, you must live like a sheltered life<3

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 6:01pm

or maybe he lives in a small area, or maybe all the people in his town choose not to smoke. or maybe he is young and and his peers haven''t started smoking bud...YET!

Tue, 04/10/2012 - 6:10pm
Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:18pm

Man lol i know alot of stoner lady's im one to YAY lady power=D

Mon, 11/02/2009 - 9:24pm
TaylorTaco Says:

I was just thinking about posting this the other day!

the girls that hang as long as the guys are the hardest to find (smoking from 8pm till 7am, I can..can you? lol)

Yay girl stoners! haha

Mon, 11/23/2009 - 10:37am

i'd be up for that challenge. i think i can go longer than that though. i haven't tried so i'm not being cocky or anything.

"I'd like to go to your house and gather all your razors and pick all the
Little prickly hairs so I can weigh them, what do ya say?"

Sun, 03/28/2010 - 1:39am
reallyhigh Says:

last weekend i was high from 12:00 pm to 7pm the next day

Sun, 08/15/2010 - 6:33am
retaahd Says:

last year i was high from then until now

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 1:33am