What's your bong look like.
And what is its name.

My first bong was EXREMLY colorful.. her name was Crayola
My second bong was Yellow, red and orange.. His name was Sunny

Bitch of an ex boyfriend smashed them both. Sad.
But I left him n now I cant wait to get my new bong <3 (Y)

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Sun, 10/06/2013 - 1:03am


Wed, 04/06/2011 - 6:29am
MrSpray Says:

oh my first bong was amazing it real was looking like something out of a labrotiry, i was named the lab,

i now have a wee glass beuty, named jim, as it is a glass jimbeam bottle, its nothin on my first bong though ti truly was the master of all bongs,

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 11:20pm

MrSpray, you might want to pay attention to English class.

My bong is actually a mini bong. It is orange and blue colored, but it faded quickly. It has no name. I used to name my pieces but I never called them by their names. So now it is more like, "Let's smoke out of the bong."

Wed, 04/06/2011 - 6:30am

Me and my friend won our first bong at a head shop through a contest, it was like for every $10 you spent on glass you got a ticket put in a drawing box and on 4/20 at 4:20 they drew out a name and it was my buddies and we won the 420 bong it was such amazing smoked glass with melting clocks and shit on it that all said 420 and dancing bears on it and it had an ice catcher and a diffuser stem it was amazing but we got crazy ripped one night and dropped him :( RIP 420 bong

Thu, 04/07/2011 - 1:28am
bigT Says:

me and my frends bought just one of those basic bongs (foot tall) that come in all shapes and colours, it was purple with frosted girls all over it. we called it hoes and we didnt get to smoke it cause it was in my buds back pack and he was so excited he pretended to high kick my other frend but his pants were to low so he kinda fell back in the air. shattered the bong to pieces haha
my personal bong now is foot and a half tall, thick blue glass with bob marleys face frosted all over it. his name, is Bob Gnarley

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 10:08pm
Owlex Says:

Bong 1 Penelope- purple, 1 ft. (still going strong)
Bong 2 Yoda- green 6 in. (gone)
Bong 3 Evaw Pinocchio- blue and clear 3 ft (gone)
Bong 4 Raymundo- 2 ft- clear 1 ft
Bong 5 Piccolo- clear (glass case city hall)
Bong 6 Ziggy- 3 ft 5 prong zong (love him)

Fri, 04/15/2011 - 1:51am
R00RIN Says:

Mine is a small $40 bong my friend bought. We were on football scholarships in a college in Indiana, I was from Kentucky and he was from Florida. He let me have it because he wasnt coming back to school there and couldnt take it on a plane. We named him Hubert Bongsworth because we were watching Futurama the first time we smoked out of it haha!

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 5:31am

I got a slick black and gold see through sand blasted glass bong named "James Bong".

Sun, 05/12/2013 - 3:19pm

I have a Zong(3' zig sagging bong), 2 person bong, hash bong, light up skull bong, bong with shrooms on it and more. Profile pic has my pipe and bubbler shelves.

Wed, 05/15/2013 - 3:27pm

i have two bongs and both are home made lol
1. His name is scooby steve. i made it out of an old party cup i found. (the kind with the long necks) i got the name cause its so tall and lanky and it has seventies colored virtical stripes.
2. her name is Bertha. its made out of blue flower vase. it has a big base so it looks like a big butt.

Sat, 07/13/2013 - 3:03pm
JuicyG420 Says:

my first bong was a nine inch long clay ceramic bong that I made in ceramics class at school when I was a sophomore and its solid red, I named it ?the chode because its short and wide haha

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 10:32am

My bong is the smart bong cuz it's a smart water bottle

Sun, 07/21/2013 - 6:06pm
lilred0869 Says:

My best friend bought me my first bong for my birthday when we were 20 (finally living on my own) it was blue and black and it was named mr. Bubbles. Still have it just in pieces because it broke

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 7:01pm

My little Baby Blue here is about a foot tall and turns purple in sunlight when you smoke out of it, she is my first real bong, but I've had makeshifts before.

Sat, 08/17/2013 - 11:02pm

My pipe is named Ottis and my ex-boyfriend broke my other yellow one names Jasper. :c
My bong is named Georgette, I thought the name sounded really cool when I first heard it on the tv, (obviously high) and it stuck. (:

Tue, 09/03/2013 - 8:14pm

My bong is 2 ft tall, clear, with a red spiral running all around it, named it Spyro.

Sun, 09/08/2013 - 9:19am

My bong is black and white. I call him sensei

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 7:31pm

Mine is about a foot tall. He's orange and has speckles all over him that glow in the dark, so I call him "Bong Wesley"

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 4:26pm

I've only ever had self-made bongs. But I made one out of an arizona green tea bottle that was amazing and had a giant green bowl! It was Arizona, and I love taking trips to the desert ;)

Thu, 09/19/2013 - 12:50am

I had an illadelph beaker with a blue label and called it papa smurf

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 4:21pm
puff135 Says:

My first bong was between 2 and 3 feet, Black with gold details.
Named that bitch Destiny.

Thu, 09/26/2013 - 8:01pm
VC89 Says:

My first bong is in my picture, i thought it was too plain just being clear so i stickered it up

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 9:53am

My first was a badass acrylic named Sub-Zero, was the hardest hitting bong I'd ever have
My square of an Aunt found it in her van and threw it on the side of the road somewhere
Maybe some lucky stoners found him and adopted him, I'd like to think so

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 9:22pm

My first bong was short, about 5 inches tall with this ghosty white and black color to it. It's hard to explain the color. It was like foggy or cloudy. I think ghosty is the best way to say it. I saw it as ghosty which is why I named it casper haha...mom found it and took it though...that was a sad day...

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 11:00pm
Wed, 10/02/2013 - 5:35pm
Cubes Says:

mine was a rasta colored miniature bong
named him bobby as tribute to Bob Marley.

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 6:24pm

My first bong was a little 10' grometted bong named Bob. Seemed kind crappy at first, but i learned to love it because of the colors (yellow, red, green body with a purple swirl up to the mouthpiece) and it was some of the thickest glass ive ever owned. Milked up super easy. Had to smash it to aviod capture, but i have the little glass diffuser bead that came with it and has the same design! I miss bob :-/

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 10:43pm

My first bong was a beautiful dark amber with no perks and a nice big round bottom.
Named her bong-qui-qui

Thu, 10/03/2013 - 1:05am

Its like a foot tall, clear, with a green rim on the top and a green base and bowl. Ice catcher and an arm perc that has a bunch of percs. I love it! I named it Chong the Bong but my friends renamed it Eduardo for some reason haha. But it's awesome and I'm getting an ash catcher for it soon, can't wait!

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 2:45am

i STILL own my first bong! her names shaniqua and shes my pride and joy, we've been together 8 years strong now and im counting on the many more.
ive broken sooo many pipes and shit in my life,
but shhaniquas my girl, and she knows whatsup.
and shes green red and orange :)
such a beaut.

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 1:57pm
khsstonner Says:

First bong sucked ass, just a one foot straight shot rip harsh as hell so I couldn't name a piece I didn't like, BUT I've had a double-full SYN most amazing tube ever and named it the 8th Wonder

Sun, 10/06/2013 - 1:23am

I have a fairly large bong (about 2 feet) that is blood red with a little black streaked in and subtle sparkles that are only visible in the sun or high light situations. It has a vine that wraps around most of it with a leaf branching off at the top and a really cool looking flower closer to the base. Weighs about 15 lbs too, hope that paints somewhat of a picture for you, I call it the Blood Orchid.

Sun, 10/06/2013 - 1:28pm

Red and Black Jimi Hendrix bong..named Bong Crosby

Sun, 10/06/2013 - 3:46pm
Swalla Says:

I had a 2ft bong with 6 Percs in it and its name was bob because it had a random ass picture of bob marley at the top of the neck near the mouth piece. Then I got a small like 10in one that is clear but has red stripes at the bottom. I call it little red

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 5:05pm

beautiful zong only two points about a foot and a half tall. 4 blue rings at the tip with blue and green feathers around the bottom, i named her chief plumage

Mon, 10/07/2013 - 10:21pm
ARoss Says:

Blue and White 3 foot. I named him Spyro, he was the nigga. R.I.P.

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 4:45pm

NEVER cuck with someone's bong not cool
Looked like the koolaid guy

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 5:27pm

My first bong was blu and white frosted glass. With a scientific base, ice catch, 8 tree perc, with a 4 tree perc attachment. I named it Velexitus. From the Latin words for swift destruction.

Wed, 10/09/2013 - 8:29pm
Hisboo34 Says:

1.5 footer clear with green frost coming from the bottom hits insanely hard it hurts a lot. We call him Breezy

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 1:31pm

Mine is beautiful, tall, and green. Has a giant OF (odd future) sticker and a diamond sticker on the front. RIPS hard as fuck...can clear the bowl in one supermassive hit. She's the best. Her name is Saturn.

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 5:37pm
lariel Says:

my first was like medium sized and ugly as fuck but i still love it to this day
its blue and yellow and the chamber had like rings on it i guess??? idk its hard to put into words
her name is unis and my best friend and i dressed her up in hemp and rasta coloured bracelets which made her look even uglier but we didnt even give a fuck cause shes still part of the family
she hits hard as fuck for a smaller bong so we dont use her as much anymore

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 5:35pm
DankyDarne Says:

mine is one my friend's dad built for me out of borisilicate glass. it's about 3/4" thick, and it has an inline perc at the bottom, a honeycomb perc above that, and a 32-arm tree perc above that. it's about 30 inches tall, and it's all clear except for a rasta colored mouthpiece and a i usually have some hemp wick wrapped around its lower neck. My friends and i call it Apollo, because it gets us high. really, really, really high.

Thu, 10/10/2013 - 5:39pm
DankyDarne Says:

but my first one was an acrylic bong named Bob (after marley) that was all rasta colors, the only acrylic bong i've seen with a pre-cooler and slide bowl, and it's exactly 24 inches. i still have it, i just haven't used it in a while since i've gotten dozens of nicer ones

Fri, 10/11/2013 - 8:29pm

I have a 3 foot bong that's orange with a white stripe spiraling around it. A friend once described hitting it as "kissing cat in the hat", so I named it Seusical.

Fri, 10/11/2013 - 11:29pm
Venatrix Says:

I have three bongs, all of which I've inherited rather than bought. None of them have names, though.

One is a small, bubble-looking glass bong with yellow, green, and a weird shiny brown going through it so it looks kinda iridescent yellow. I'm making it sound weird but it's nice, it reminds me of blowing bubbles in springtime. Anyway, my ex gave it to me for safe-keeping when she went home to California for a semester, then she let me keep it when she decided to stay there.

One is a small home-made bong my best friend made out of a ceramic (or something) vase that's white with flowers on it. The last one is from that same friend, and technically we have joint custody but I have it. Anyway, that one's also home-made out of a vase, but it's a really pretty (and large) green glass vase and the bong is really well made. It hits great. It also came with a gorgeous multi-colored fish-shaped bowl. She gave me both of those when she had to quit smoking for legal reasons a year or more ago.

And I live with my boyfriend so I also have his bong at my disposal. It's kinda weirder shaped but it's a cool iridescent purple.

Sat, 10/12/2013 - 12:26pm
am_2js_pm Says:

My FIRST was actually given to me for free b/c my friend was moving and couldn't take it w/ him. But it was this deep green color and this coppery/gold color swirled into it. I called it Petunia b/c the actual bowl part was missing, so I went to get a new one and couldn't find a match, so this new bowl kind of stuck out like a little flower... So I named it after the first flower that popped into my head.

Sat, 10/12/2013 - 12:29pm
am_2js_pm Says:

I also have the same bong from the movie Grandma's Boy- the one w/ frogs all over it. I named it Kermit.

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 11:09am
stoner-bob Says:

My profile picture is my little bubbler. Nemo

Sun, 10/13/2013 - 5:10pm

my best friend gave me a 1ft rasta colored bong for my birthday its name is Shabba :)

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 12:50am

She big and beautiful. Green with a brown swirl and a metallic gleam in the light. Her name is Fiona, Princess Shrek.

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 10:28am
AppD12 Says:

I have a bong that is made from a handle of Jack Daniels