I listen to all sorts of music... the last few artists on shuffle were Willie Nelson, Atmosphere, The Doors, Silverstein, Lil Wayne, Eyedea and Abilities, Mickey Avalon and Vivaldi.

And I find a lot of people who hate hip hop, for what they've heard on the radio... but then I have them listen to some choice stuff and have them really check out the lyricism, and all of a sudden I have a punk Lil Wayne fan, a country Atmosphere fan and a 45 year old woman who now LOVES Mickey Avalon.

But there is some good stuff to check out, here's some artists and a few songs to look up.

'modern man's hustle'
'Suzanne Vega'
'Smart Went Crazy'

Eyedea and Abilities
'even shadows have shadows'
'burn fetish'

Aesop Rock
'none shall pass'

'hip hop is dead'
'Who's Bad'

Sage Francis
'Crack Pipes'
'Slow Down Gandhi'
'Sun Vs Moon'
'Makeshift Patriot'

Buck 65
'wicked and weird'

Mickey Avalon
'Fuckin Em All'
'Jane Fonda'
'Mr Right'
'Waiting To Die'

'John Lennon'
'Fight a Revolution'
'Nothing Changes'
'Girls Girls Girls and Pills and Pills'

Whole Wheat Bread
'Police Song'
'Stuck in Da Dark'
'Never Scared'

Dirt Nasty
'Baby Dick'
'Animal Lover'

Andre Legacy
"Blow Off My Dick'


Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
'Pissin On Yo Steps'
"Why You Wanna Get Funkee Wit Me?'