Someday Imma buy a school bus, paint it green, install many TV screens along the inside, and drive around Boulder, Colorado letting random stoners in until the bus is full, then drive all around the city playing Ren & Stimpy and smoke up and have one hell of a ride.


Sun, 11/28/2010 - 6:42am
medicated Says:
Tue, 06/07/2011 - 3:08pm

that would be fucking sweet! would there be a dealers corner where there was a table with a built in scale and bagging area? the bus could make like 10% of whatever the dealers profit was?
i can just imagine nice comfy chairs, and a table for food, an ashtray and a lil stash box under the ashtray and 2 lighters attached to leashes? insence burning everywhere on the bus and a cd player with 3 headphone jacks on each table with an ipod dock, and a cd player, and pandora and sirius radio, and 2 15 inch flat screens on swivels with speakers facing into each booth, tinted windows man that would be sweet........ charge 5 dollars a ticket to ride all day, and have various stops around town, and you can rent bong making supplies and a bottle of water..... man.... that would be chill....