I was hitting the bong saturday night and was watchin jurrasic park. I got to thinkin. Man dosent really kno shit about dinos. Think about it. No man is still alive during those times to prove WTF went down back then. We don't even kno if thas wut they looked like or how they acted. It's jus a man made Fairy tale that made it's way through generations of mankind. Even when they find fossils. They don't kno what the hell those things were. Comment please(only fags downvote)


Tue, 12/07/2010 - 6:08am
-WTF- Says:

i know. they could hop or crawl. have weird appendages that will not last as long as bone, like a rhinos horn. who knows what they were like. but according to the religious folks, man walked with the dinos

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